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Al Caldwell - Vanessa Walliams / Global Hired Gun
Kenny Youngar - MESSER 
Johnny Hiland - Nashville Great
Lloyd Wallace - Black Sea Burial / Hair Mania
Jeff George - We are Harlot / Sebastian Bach
Nicko McBrain - Iron Maiden
Ty Fury - TRAPT
Ben Lacy - Instrumentalist
JR Swartz - DammitBoy  
Ben Carrol - RA / Hollow Glow
Rob Marcello - Danger Danger
Marcus Hunter - Studio / Touring Musician
Neil Mellor - instrumentalist / clinician 
Mike Philips Jr. - Bassist

Jeff George of (We are Harlot) states: Lizard Spit.. the only thing I'll put on an original $40,000 1955 Les Paul Goldtop. Check out Jeff band on tour now !!! Triple Mandarin Shotz for the house! Serious musicians use Lizard Spit.... Are you Serious?

Neil Mellor - Global Shredder / Instrumentalist / Clinician.