"Lizard Spit - America's Spit Shine"

Spit of Champions! The Hottest Music/Automotive/Truck/ Products!


At first, people got a good laugh out of the not-so-common business name – Lizard Spit – but all admitted that the business name and logo were catchy; both were destined to become a household name in due time.

Our Products

You can purchase all of our products at a variety of locations online, or you can buy them right here for specially discounted prices! We’ve got automotive, marine and music products – check them all out!


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Ordering via EmailLizard Spit LLC
PO Box 5411.
Muskegon, MI 49445

Multi Media Bar

Professional Polishes and Waxes

Professional polishes and waxes…

Trucker Polish

‘More Shine. Less time.’ – Trucker’s Polish advertisement

Got Spit?

‘Got Spit?’ – Fretboard Conditioner advertisement

Cymbal Polish

Lizard Spit Cymbal Polish – little bottle, BIG shine!

Promo Ad

‘Spanking the Competition’ – A promo advertisement for Lizard Spit

Automotive Product Line

Lizard Spit Automotive Product Line

Truly shine. Onstage and off.

Lizard Spit Guitar Polish. The product that started everything!